About us

Paul AdjeleianOwner 

Born and raised in Ottawa, ON, Paul studied the trombone as a young lad and furthered his studies in the states, in Ottawa and eventually in Montreal where he studied and played for a few years. Mostly freelance work, brass quintet, subway stations…you know the story.  

After moving back to Ottawa in 1989, he continued playing for a couple of years and then, for reasons unknown, placed music on hold for…oh, about 20 years. In the meantime however, other work in real estate and construction took over, along with marriage, kids, etc. (don’t worry kids, he would do it all over again in a heartbeat)

Kids got older and Paul was getting antsy, so, at the urging of one of his daughters, he picked up the horn again a couple of years ago and hasn’t looked back. In hindsight, you could say that Record Runner Rehearsal Studios is a culmination of Paul’s particular skillsets, gleaned over the last 30 years in music, real estate and construction, all thrown into one basket, with RRRS being the result. 

It all suits him just fine. We hope you can all come and enjoy our beautiful rehearsal studios. You’ll find there is a good vibe here and we are confident you will want to keep coming back. Ultimately it is about the music, but equally about creating an environment which fosters creativity, friendships and good will.

Melissa Grant-Laguerre - Manager/VP Marketing & Social Media

A gifted musician (vocals & drums), Melissa brings numerous credentials to RRRS, not the least of which is her sunny disposition and unique ability to put everyone at ease. Always positive and upbeat, Melissa combines her marketing skills (her other day job is in marketing) with her extensive experience in the music industry to lead a team dedicated to promoting Record Runner Rehearsal Studios and expanding the list of services that Record Runner has to offer. 

In her “down” time, Melissa performs and travels extensively with her husband, Prosper, and their awesome band GPM (Gifted Powerful Movement). Record Runner is pleased and fortunate to have Melissa on board. 


Part-Time Staff

Brad Beekmans 

Brad is a great asset to the Record Runner team! He is a graduate of both the Intro to Music Industry Arts and Music Industry Arts programs at Algonquin College, so he definitely knows how to keep things running. Brad has played drums for over 14 years, and is very positive and hardworking. You're in good hands when he's around!

Fictional Part-Time Staff

Bon Jovi - After a successful career in music, Bon Jovi has decided to come work the desk at RRRS. We are not sure if he will work out or not. Please provide feedback.

Bryan Adams - This guy showed up at our door desperate for work. Nobody at RRRS had heard of him, but we took him on ‘cause we felt sorry for him. He looked thin. He has recently been promoted to “drum tuner” and “fridge water-bottle filler”. Very pleasant chap.

Sam Roberts - Name was familiar, but couldn’t place him. Anyway, he said had played around and toured a bit so we believed him and he is now head of “wiping down stainless steel countertop 6 times per hour”. Not bad for a guy with sketchy credentials.

Nelly Furtado - She said she knew how to clean, we said “You’re hired!”.  Has a habit of singing about birds while she’s cleaning. Oh well, we’re OK with it. 

Michael Buble - Michael came to us desperate for meaningful work…and we delivered. Michael, or “Bubbly”as we like to call him, ensures that all mics and PA’s are in perfect working order. He likes to break into song as a crooner every now and again and, we have to admit, he’s not bad. He’ll never make it in music though, but we’re not going to burst his ‘buble’. 


Please do not believe anything you have read between “Fictional Part-Time Staff” and the paragraph above ending in “buble”.