Rehearsal Studios

Our purpose-built, sound-proof studios will provide you and your bandmates with an un-rivalled band rehearsal experience. From the moment you walk through our front door and into one of our four individually climate-controlled studios you will be experiencing the best Ottawa has to offer.

Using the latest in sound-proofing technology, our wall and floor assemblies, acoustic doors and frames and sound control panels are designed to ensure you get maximum benefit out of your rehearsal time.


Your time is valuable. We respect that. You want high quality, trouble-free equipment ready to meet all your needs head-on. We deliver.

Our “plug ‘n play” studio set-ups are designed to give you the best rehearsal experience possible. Chosen specifically to provide optimum sound in our studios and to accommodate a wide range of musical styles, our gear has been thoughtfully selected to meet the needs of today’s musicians, from Jazz to R&B to Classic Rock to Heavy Metal and everything in between.

Please check out our rehearsal studios to see a complete list of included gear.