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Montreal born, Ottawa based Marc Decho is a self-taught bassist, composer and educator who is quickly rising as one of the most versatile and in demand bassists on the Canadian Latin, Jazz & Improvised music scenes.  He has performed/recorded with a long list of Canadian/International renown artists including Four-time JUNO Award winner Jane Bunnett, Grammy winning bassist/producer Roberto Riveron, Latin-Grammy Winning percussionist Amado Dedeu Garcia, Gabriel Palatchi, Jeremy Ledbetter, Sarah Thawer, Rafael Zaldivar, Danae Olano, Marito Marques, Michel Medrano, Amhed Mitchel, Alexis Baro, Elmer Ferrer, Reimundo Sosa, Roddy Ellias, Miguel Angel De Armas Jr., Kiko Osorio, Michael Curtis Hanna, Mark Molnar to name a few.  Has also shared the stage with such greats as Lee Fields, Bernie Worrell, SF Jazz Collective, Ivan Mazuze, Rich Brown, Daymé Arocena, Yissy Garcia y Banda Ancha, Yasek Manzano, Leyanis Valdez, Alice Russell, etc., and has performed at various festivals throughout France, Cuba & Canada.  

As a leader and sideman, Marc performs with and leads multiple groups ranging from solo to larger ensembles, most notably he is a longstanding member of the legendary Cuban pianist Miguel De Armas (NG La Banda, Manolito Simonet) and his Latin-Jazz Quartet.  


Jane Bunnett mentions Marc as being “one of the best bassists you will find anywhere”.





An engaging and fiery performer whose music knows no boundaries, Canadian pianist Jeremy Ledbetter has made a career from travelling the far-flung corners of the globe in search of the most fascinating and unique musical ideas out there, then seamlessly integrating them into his work as a pianist, composer, and producer. Jeremy is the driving force behind Caribbean Latin Jazz powerhouse CaneFire, and the longtime musical director and producer for calypso superstar David Rudder.  Jeremy’s newest project, the Jeremy Ledbetter Trio, released their debut album “Got a Light?” in 2018.  The Trio features Ledbetter’s unique sound at the piano alongside fellow Canadian jazz heavyweights Rich Brown (rinsethealgorithm) and Larnell Lewis (Snarky Puppy).


Jeremy’s expertise in a variety of musical cultures is most evident in his production work, which has seen him tackle ambitious projects in a wide range of genres. Jeremy has produced albums for latin, calypso, soca, jazz, and salsa artists in five different countries, including eight albums with David Rudder and two with CaneFire. Ledbetter’s most recent production, “Golpes y Flores” by Venezuelan songstress Eliana Cuevas, won him World Music Producer of the Year honours at the 2018 Independent Music Awards.


At the piano, Ledbetter’s playing features unrelenting energy and a playful spirit. He has worked with world-renowned artists from the worlds of jazz (Andy Narell, Jane Bunnett, Eliana Cuevas), salsa (Alfredo de la Fe, Changuito, Willie Torres, Adonis Puentes, Ralph Irizarry), calypso (David Rudder, Mighty Sparrow, Andre Tanker, Ralph MacDonald) and Brazilian music (Hermeto Pascoal, Celso Machado, Luanda Jones). Ledbetter is also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who counts the steelpan, harmonica, mandolin, and didjeridu among his weapons of choice. Jeremy currently lives in and out of Toronto, Canada.




Hailing from Portugal, Marito Marques is an accomplished musician and respected composer, he takes the sounds of the world into his soul to produce melodies that bring the audience together in an unparalleled unity. Born July 11, 1987 in Arganil, Portugal, Marques began playing the drums at the age of 2, quickly moving on to live performances, including television appearances at 5 years old. Marques pursued his formal instruction at CETM in Coimbra, Portugal. Afterward, Marques moved to New York City to further his studies at the Drummers’ Collective and later at the Manhattan School of Music where he studied under some of the best instructors the school had to offer, including John Riley, Kendrick Scott, Ignacio Berroa or Greg Hutchinson.

Taking his influences from African roots music, jazz, and pop, Marques makes compelling music that is as beautiful to listen to as it is nourishing for the soul. In 2013, he released his debut album ‘Magic Everywhere’ with collaborations from some of the most respected names in music, including Anna Maria Jopek, Gregoire Maret, Mino Cinelu, Ron Westray, Munir Hossn and Yami. His second album “Live at Revolution” (2014) is a 3-track live in-studio recording. Marito Marques on drums, alongside his Canadian quartet and quintet, Robi Botos on piano, Kelly Jefferson playing the saxophone, Michael Shand on keyboards/piano, and Ian de Souza and Alex St. Kitts joining in on bass.

The fresh and third album entitled ‘Na Eira’ that means “threshing floor” was released in 2016. The album was recorded in 4 countries, combining the efforts of 15 musicians, in-turn encompassing 10 different nationalities. ‘Na Eira’ is a global effort that fosters the similarities and celebrates the differences between cultures to create a unifying sound. Marques hasn’t strayed from his passion of collaboration and the original melding of sounds, cultures, talents, instruments, and genres creating a connection between people and continents. The album is strongly influenced by Marques’ birth country Portugal and takes further inspiration from the PALOP countries, it was recorded in France, Spain, Portugal, and largely in Marques’ now-home Toronto, Canada. ‘Na Eira’ also has significant contributors from varying places in between, including; multi-instrumentalist Munir Hossn, Jorge Pardo, world renowned Spanish flutist, who contributes to two-songs as well as performances from Woz Kaly, Senegalese singer, on an additional two-songs. As the composer and producer Marques’ ambitious and collective spirit are highlighted in his ability to combine the talents of international musicians.

Currently living in Toronto, Marques is considered one of the most requested and versatile drummers in Europe and Canada, having performed World Tours with artists in the most diverse music genres; some of which include two Grammy Winners Ivan Lins and Carlos do Carmo, the Grammy nominees Helik Hadar, Adonis Puentes, Hilario Duran and Jeff Coffin, Anna Maria Jopek, Mino Cinelu. Larnell Lewis, Gregoire Maret, The Wilderness of Manitoba and Sara Tavares. He is endorsed by Pro Mark, Evans, Yamaha Drums, Zildjian, Red Clay, Sontronics Microphone and Kalimba Magic.